9 Best IT Support & Help Desk Certification Courses 2023

The program content is very impressive with focus on applied learning and has been structured to address real world requirements. The hands-on assessments have been designed to simulate the actual experiences of IT Support. A+ Comprehensive is a complete and thorough review of all A+ learning objectives.

  • Of all the help-desk certifications we’re highlighting, HDI’s offerings are probably the best-known and most respected of their kind in the industry.
  • They can be a great starting point to begin a career in IT and will help you thrive in many different IT jobs.
  • The instruction we provide prepares you for the testing services offered by CompTIA.
  • Practice guides or even practice examinations may be included in a help desk or IT professional’s certification to assist them to rehearse what they’ve learned.
  • CompTIA A+ is one of CompTIA’s core credentials; it’s an ideal foundational certification for candidates pursuing a wide range of other IT certifications.

There are a variety of subjects students can focus on as they learn how to work in IT support. Cloud computing, cloud services, and cybersecurity are among topics studied. MedCerts programs are developed with collaboration from our in-house production team, industry-recognized subject matter experts and our education technology design team. From interactive simulations, interviews with real world experts, game based learning and more, our Instructional Design education model is created to meet the needs of every type of learner. To provide an innovative, hands-on learning experience, Per Scholas provides learners with a tech kit based on their training track and delivery model, whether in person or remote.

Computer Components and Peripherals for IT Technicians

This course focuses on troubleshooting network issues affecting customer service tools like poor connections and network security. Since most help desk software operates through the internet, this training ensures your tools stay up and running in the event of a network malfunction. CompTIA is an online training provider offering an array of career-building training programs. Its CompTIA A+ course is designed to teach participants the basic skills they’ll need for an IT or customer service career. This includes a breakdown of the help desk tools they can expect to see when working in a support role.

CompTIA A+ 2023 focuses on installing and supporting Windows OS and system configuration and troubleshooting for macOS, Chrome OS, Linux and Android. Consider the following well-regarded help-desk certifications and determine which ones best suit your needs and career path. What’s great about this course is that participants can choose to attend an in-person training session with an ITIL expert. If there isn’t training nearby, you can self-study for the final exam using the ITIL Foundation book, offered both online and in hard copy. Customers want help from you fast, and their patience can run thin quickly if they’re left waiting too long for assistance.

Best IT Support & Help Desk Courses & Certification [2023 APRIL] [UPDATED]

The best thing about this course is its focus on explaining all about desktop support and IT support. This “Free Technical Support Fundamentals” course is all about introducing learners to the world of Information Technology. ITIL Foundation certification can also help help desk certifications you establish an enterprise IT architect career. ITIL certs are considered among the best enterprise architecture certifications to advance your IT career. The HDI Learning Center administers the exam online, and it must be completed within six weeks of purchase.

free help desk certifications

The ability to communicate effectively is a soft skill, but an important skill for anyone in this role. IT communications can be challenging when working with employees who have significantly less technical knowledge than an IT professional. Being able to break down complicated concepts and explain the benefits or pitfalls of certain technologies can be crucial to performing this role effectively. In comparison to other professions, IT is quite simple to enter – provided you have the appropriate IT qualifications. Whether you want to change careers or improve your technical support skills, the best IT support certifications can help you get started.

#9 Google IT Automation With Python Professional Certificate

Certifications differentiate professional staff from a newbie IT person. The availability of these diverse certifications has made them somewhat underrated. However, it is important to employ IT staff with https://remotemode.net/ valid professional certifications. Some of these certification courses are paid for while some are not. Also, some free best help desk skills add to the overall credibility and reliability of a company.

  • If you’re interested in focusing your work on cloud infrastructure, AWS certifications are a great way to get started.
  • According to an article by Medium, 93% of people who earn the Google IT Support Professional Certificate recommend it to others.
  • The Microsoft IT Support certification aids in the understanding of Microsoft products by new IT professionals.

They are in charge of ensuring new service agents are adequately trained and know what they are doing. They also track how well the team performs and manage disagreements between customers and service reps. EdX can help pave the pathway to a career in IT, offering IT support courses and IT support tutorials. For learners interested in a more formal education setting, there are also many undergraduate academic opportunities to study IT, including master’s-level education. The A+ Certification shows technical ability and signifies the competence to support a wide variety of hardware and software. Network + Certification validates that you have the knowledge needed to use and maintain a wide range of networking technologies and have proficiency in networking administration and support.

Hybrid courses allow flexibility for learners to participate in the course remotely or in-person based on several factors. Learn more about the course you’re interested in by reaching out to your admissions lead or attending an admissions overview after applying. Obtaining this certification can broaden IT personnel’s skill sets, allowing them to manage a variety of technical requirements while also allowing them to operate in Apple-authorized service centers.


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